Frequently Asked Questions

Does waxing hurt?

  1. Of course it does, especially your first time. However, if you continue with a regular waxing regime and not shave or trim between waxes, your hair will come in finer and finer, thinning our over time. It also won't grow in as much making regular waxes less and less painful. Plus, you get used to it. 

What are some tips before I get waxed?

  1. Exfoliate and shower before you come in. It will help you have the best, longer lasting results. 
  2. Avoid coming in a week before or a week after your cycle. Sometimes women are a little more sensitive during these weeks. 
  3. Do not trim your hair! Trimming your hair makes for a more painful wax. Believe it or not, the longer the hair the better. 
  4. Your hair needs to be as long as a grain of rice to wax. At least 3 to 4 weeks of hair growth for both men and women. 

Why am I nervous to get waxed? 

  1. Because you have never been waxed before or you have had a terrible experience and vowed you would never do it again. You probably thought to yourself, "I shouldn't have gotten waxed at a nail salon." or "All my friends are doing it, why am I so chicken?" Going to a professional waxing salon is your best bet to receiving the best waxing experience with little to no pain or awkwardness. 
  2. Being nervous is completely normal. You are going to a salon and someone you just met is going to be seeing you naked. Well, just so you know, we see naked bodies all day long; we don't judge or make you feel uncomfortable in any sort of way. We are here to educate you about skincare and waxing, and hopefully you leave feeling cleaner and more knowledgeable about the waxing process.
  3. No need to worry here, we have experienced waxers with over 17 years of experience in the waxing industry. We use a proprietary sugar wax formula (which is NOT SUGARING). It is much more efficient at hair removal and so much less painful.
  4. Getting waxed is completely normal and you won't be perceived as weird if you get waxed.

I heard men don't get waxed.

  1. This is the biggest misconception in the waxing industry!  Firstly, men make up about 40% of our clientele base, sometimes even more! Second, male waxing is extremely popular with first responders, athletes, military, and everyone in between. 
  2. Articles in men's magazines are sharing the acceptance of male grooming products and male only salons and telling the world, "it's okay to wax!" Men may not talk about it with friends, but if the subject ever came up, they will be the first to tel their friends they get waxed. 

Why do men wax?

  1. Some men have partners (male/female) that prefer them to wax.
  2. Some men like the feel of their smooth skin.
  3. Some men acknowledge the hygiene benefits to waxing. 
  4. Waxing makes for better sex, especially if the partner gets waxed too.

Why should I choose waxing over shaving?

  1. Waxing is smoother for a longer period of time over shaving. Some people may have to shave once a day or more to get the smooth feeling while waxing is a one time service that will keep you feeling smooth for weeks. 
  2. Waxing is less irritating to the skin. Shaving may leave your skin with bumps, marks, and burns. 

Why do I get white and red bumps after waxing?

  1. You may have just started a waxing regimen. Your body is not used to the waxing. It sometimes takes a few waxing sessions to calm your skin down and for your skin to get used to the waxing.
  2. You may be coming off of shaving. It takes three to four waxing sessions with NO SHAVING in between each session for your skin to get used to the waxing.

How do I treat red and white bumps after waxing?

  1. You can apply an anti-breakout spray after waxing to ensure your skin doesn't become inflamed. We can do this for you! However, results may very if it is your first wax or you recently came off shaving.
  2. You can exfoliate with baking soda to alleviate any bumps or irritation from waxing but avoid topical ointments. 

Can I get waxed on my period?

  1. Yes, we require you to be on the lighter side of your period, and WEAR A       TAMPON.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  

I have a piercing, can I still get waxed without removing my piercing? 

  1. Yes, we know our way around a piercing or two.

How long does the waxing results last?

  1. On average, the waxing results last between 3-5 weeks. Sometimes the results last longer, each person is different. For Brazilian waxes, you usually have to come back around 5 weeks and for a Full Johnson you will have to come back in about 6 weeks. Other parts of the body are roughly in the same time frame.

Can you get waxed when you have a sunburn?

  1. We do not recommend getting waxed when you have a sunburn - especially when the sunburn is on your back or chest. Waxing those areas tend to be more tender when sunburnt. You also run the risk of your skin lifting from the sunburn. 

Can I get waxed when pregnant?

  1. Yes, however some women tend to have more painful waxes as the pregnancy progresses. You also run the risk of skin lifting due to the influx of hormones in the body. The risk is small but it can happen. Also, you run the risk of your birth coming early. Getting a Brazilian wax right before your due date tends to accelerate the birthing process. 

How soon after giving birth can I get waxed?

  1. We recommend you consult your OB/GYN first, especially if you had a C-Section.

What is the difference between waxing and shaving?

  1. Shaving at home could give you the "bare all the time" feeling but it requires daily maintenance. 
  2. Waxing takes more coordination 

What do I do if I am prone to ingrown hairs?

  1. You should avoid lotions in your waxed areas, especially your bikini area. 
  2. You should also avoid fancy underwear; good 'ol cotton underwear is recommended for when you are sitting for long periods of time. The cotton wicks away dirt, oil, and sweat, preventing ingrown hairs.
  3. Also, avoid fancy scrubs. Most body scrubs are oil based. The oil doesn't allow your skin to breath and increase the chances of getting ingrown hairs. 
  4. Be sure to exfoliate at least 3 times per week. We recommend baking soda. You can keep the baking soda in a plastic container with a lid in your shower. You will feel exhilarated and your whole body will be nice and soft afterwards because baking soda is a natural and inexpensive dissolving exfoliator. The PH balancing properties will reduce itchiness. 

I am a guy and really nervous about getting a "stiffy" during my Johnson waxing session.

  1. We get it, some girl is touching your private parts and you can't help yourself. 
  2. We don't touch gently and if you do, we will start talking about more mom pretty quickly.
  3. There is some pain in the process but it dissipates pretty quickly.
  4. We won't acknowledge it anyway.
  5. Please don't ask us if you are bigger than the average guy we've seen. We have seen thousands of penises and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, there is no truth to the known stereotypes. 

Will I be waxed by a male or a female?

  1. We only have female wax technicians.
  2. We are all well trained in male and female waxing.

What type of clothing will I have to wear when getting waxed?

  1. For Brazilian waxes, you will be nude from the waist down. We do not provide "cover ups" and never will. We see thousands of bodies and they are all the same to us. 
  2. For chest/back, you will be nude from the waist up.
  3. For full body wax, you will be completely nude.

Can I get a spray tan after waxing?

  1. Yes, after a Brazilian wax, a brow wax, or underarm wax. Anything more than that (legs, back, chest, and arms) we do not recommend getting a spray tan after a wax. The wax can leave a slight residue and won't make for an even tan. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after waxing to spray tan. 

I have Psoriasis. Can I get waxed?

  1. More than likely, yes. However, we do recommend you come in when you are not having an outbreak.

I heard you had to be on your hands and knees when to wax a butt crack. Is that true?

  1. Absolutely not! At dick & jane waxing salon, we have never done the butt crack that way. We feel it is very awkward and not the best position to be in for that particular area to be waxed.
  2. we have you in a fetal position, meaning bringing your knees to your chest and you holding your knees while crossing your feet. Not on;y is this a very relaxing yoga position, it allows us to wax the area with your skin being taut and us being able to see all the hair we need to wax. 

What can prevent me from getting waxed?

  1. Taking antibiotics - They kill all good and bad bacteria in and on your body. We have a protective layer of bacteria on our skin that gets killed when taking antibiotics and this puts your skin at risk for "lifting." We recommend being off your antibiotics for at least 7 days before safely waxing. 
  2. Using Retin-A products on your face - Retin-A is a form of exfoliation which treats wrinkles and acne. Since it is a continual exfoliation, it thins out the skin making your skin susceptible to "lifting."
  3. Working out - If you have worked out within a 3 hour period before your waxing appointment, you run the risk of "lifting." Your skin is dehydrated and needs time to rehydrate itself. If you are going to work out the same day as your waxing appointment, please do so after you are waxed.
  4. Hangovers - Hangovers are a sign of dehydration. Dehydration of the skin makes "lifting" more likely. 
  5. Lesions or sores - Any visible or recent would or sore should not be waxed.
  6. When in doubt, just ask! 

COVID-19 Update

 dick & jane waxing salon is NOT open yet!


We were given official notice late Thursday Night from the county of San Diego - waxing salons are NOT included in the re-opening plan for hair salons and barber shops. We are hoping to hear from the County in the coming days as to when we can open. 

If you have made an appointment recently, it may be subject to cancellation.  

We are taking this day by day. If you receive a call from us or your appointment was canceled, please be advised, it's due to us not permitted to open yet.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will be back soon.